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FaceLogics can enhance any type of photo to get it “photo line-up ready” and we will provide the five fill-ins from our 40,000+ faces database all with matching shirts and backgrounds.

FaceLogics can enhance photos to eliminate inconsistent backgrounds or removing jewelry, piercing's, tattoos, clothing etc…

If the only photo you have of a suspect seems unusable, submit it to FaceLogics, where our team can provide you with a fair and consistent photo line-up or array. We can even add items such as glasses, certain styles and oddities to better match the suspect’s appearance.

FaceLogics can enhance surveillance footage and photographs for identification and facial recognition purposes. We can also create an enhanced video clip to give to the media and to post on social media, such as Facebook.


Don’t settle for booking or driver’s license photos that are out of date or don't represent your subject properly. With FaceLogics, you can use almost any photo you want to better represent your subject, especially if the photo is only hours or days old.  

FaceLogics can complete all your agency’s Photographic Line-ups or just the specialized or time consuming ones. FaceLogics provides your agency with 3rd party line-ups to prevent bias or the perception of bias. We complete the whole lineup, including the fill-ins and send it back to you as a PDF. Don’t waste hours of valuable investigative or analytical time completing a line-up.



FaceLogics can produce a tag recognition analysis from various photos with possible number/letter combinations. Both examples above were completed within 48 hours of submission.

FaceLogics can enhance audio files to help clear up voices and suppress background or unwanted noise. Types of files include audio cleanup for undercover narcotics buys, 911 calls and phone-in bomb threats.